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Shopping services and activities exclusively created for Tavernelle by Roberta Niccacci, business innovator. If you wish to add a shopping innovation to your town centre write to: robnic365@gmail.com. 


"Very nice work on the web site...it brings back fond memories of that great evening we spent visiting with you there!"   

- Phil & Lori, visiting friends 
"Roberta is the most customer service-oriented person I know! The depth of her passion for the highest level outcome for her clients is truly astounding. Deeply committed, Roberta takes the time to know her clients' wants and needs. Additionally, Roberta develops her business around a heart-centered core that puts her customers at the center. " 
- Theresa Jackson, Collaborative Creator of Handcrafted Luxury Journeys ★

Piazza Giuseppe Mazzini 26, Tavernelle di Panicale, Umbria, 06068, Italy
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